2. Beijing Overall Urban Planning (2004 ~ 2020) 北京城市总体规划

2. Beijing Overall Urban Planning (2004 ~ 2020) 北京城市总体规划

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2.1. City functions and spatial distribution industry 城市职能及产业空间分布图
2.2. Regional planning structure matrix 区域空间结构规划示意图
2.3. City centre functional structure plans 中心城功能结构规划图

By the end of 2001. Beijing proposed revising the 9th congress, "The Overall Urban Planning in Beijing (1991-2010)". In January 2005, submitted to the State Council, on January 27 the State Council examined and approved. Revising the scope of this administrative area of the municipality, with a total area of 16,410 square kilometers, Planning for the period 2004 - 2020.

Guiding ideology and development goals 指导思想和发展目标
Deng Xiaoping Theory and the "Three Represents" important thought as the guide, comprehensively establish and implementing a people-centered, comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable scientific development concept, establish and improve the socialist market economic system, to comprehensively building a well-off society and the realization of modernization as the goal, the promotion of economic, social and human development. Construction continuously improve the capital of a harmonious society.
Beijing Urban Development clear objectives for "national capital, an international city, and cultural relics, livable city."

The contents of the program 规划内容
Planning ecological environment carrying capacity, resources, labor and employment, and other economic and social development of seven, Analysis of the important conditions for the development of urban infrastructure; further defined the limiting factor to the city's development restrictions; Beijing demonstrated that the appropriate changes in population size and trends; from the Environmental Protection and the angle of impact, the ecological land suitability analysis; made a preliminary zoning restrictions, which add to the eco-environment protection and disaster prevention and reduction as special plans.

Population planning and land-use planning 人口规划与用地规划
Planning in Beijing in 2020 to determine the total population size control in about 18 million people. of which the urban population planning control in about 16 million people. 2020 plan for the city to control land used for urban construction in 1650 square kilometers, About 105 square meters per capita.Within this total, the central city about 778 square meters, 92 square meters in control; Metro about 640 square kilometers, About 112 square meters per capita.

Center City-Metro-town 中心城—新城—镇
Beijing planning based on history, reality and future development of the comprehensive analysis, fully consider the overall development of the region, in order to help ease the functions of cities, urban and rural areas to promote co-ordination and to promote regional coordination, achieve intensive development, and the implementation of the "two axes - two zones - multi-center" layout, the "City Center-Metro-town" of Urban structure. Within this total, the Metro is "two axes - two zones - multi-center," and a concrete manifestation of the important nodes, planning the construction of 11 Metro. Tongzhou, Shunyi and Yi-to three key Metro.

Focus on planning 规划重点
Co-ordinating urban and rural planning is the current focus. Planning and implementation of the Metro, the focus of the town as the center of urbanization strategy; Expand the size of small towns, the town development priorities; rationally define and guide the small town's industrial development and employment opportunities for farmers. Through the above measures, breaking the urban and rural structure and reasonable certainty the progress of urbanization, the building of urban and rural integration. and coordinated development.

Strengthen the government's functions 强化政府职能
Strengthened the protection of public services, urban infrastructure, ecological environment and security in the city, urban space in the rational allocation of urban characteristics and quality of social issues and changes in market demand and the research.

Follow-up work 后续工作
According to the State Council's approval, in 2005. Beijing Planning Committee has further organized by the Ministry of things with the development plan, the Metro Planning, the village planning, City control center of revising regulations, the recent planning and the preparation of professional planning work. These plans are the establishment, the new rules are urban development objectives and strategies as a guide, Meanwhile deepen the implementation of the new regulations proposed by the policy and planning targets.